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How can the online presence of a business be a driver for its growth?

Already from the first year of presence of a small and medium-sized business on the Internet, we have an increase in physical sales, while soon after, electronic sales also follow. The average increase that a small business can have in its sales, always depending on the sector and the region in which it operates, exceeds 20% – 25% per year. Also, the internet is not only a sales channel but also the most effective way of marketing and branding. A company’s brand awareness and the diversity of its products is a powerful growth factor for small and large businesses.

Greek consumers seem to be turning more and more to the digital shopping channel. What do you think is the future of e-commerce?

E-commerce turnover has a double-digit growth rate globally. While our country has also been following closely in recent years – especially since the coronavirus. Consumers are increasingly looking for easy and quick solutions to search for and purchase products. If an online store offers a worthwhile consumer experience, quality products and support – it is absolutely certain that it will gradually gain the trust of internet visitors.

The amount of data that exists on the internet today is vast. How can one stand out for their products or services? What are the necessary “ingredients” for a business to gain the interest and trust of the consumer on the one hand?

User experience is the key to distinguishing a business or professional in the online world. Easy navigation, search, unique content, rich descriptions and plenty of options will create organic growth in an online store. Many small entrepreneurs tell me that “I can’t become Amazon with my store!”. However, the goal is not to become a huge department store to succeed online – all you need is a small market share and awareness of your brand.

We would like you to tell us what are the most common mistakes in the online presence of businesses that lead professionals away from the desired result.

The rough, ready-made solutions usually do not bring the desired results. As we take care of our physical store, our packaging, our product quality, raw materials and so on, by analogy we need to plan our online presence as well. Our presence must be technically perfect, highly aesthetic and differentiated in design. Also, our page should have information about everything visitors are looking for. Speed, convenience and aesthetics can make an online store ‘run’ with double digit numbers annually.

What are the “secrets” to strengthening a company’s brand name? How do digital tools help?

A business’s brand is consumers’ ‘feelings’ – what they think when they hear or see your brand. For small businesses, fame starts with their name and what it stands for. Whereas, in businesses that develop, branding is the set of experiences of a consumer or simple visitor. People often don’t care about the price as much as the experience, as strange as that sounds! Surfing the internet is an experience – one that can enhance your ‘image’, your reputation and ultimately your brand.


WooCommerce is the world’s most popular open-source eCommerce solution. It is fully customizable, flexible, supported by a global community. It is the optimal ecommerce solution for small and medium businesses.


Magento empowers thousands of retailers and brands. It provides a modern, customizable eCommerce platform as well as flexible cloud solutions.


NopCommerce is the most popular open source solution on the ASP.NET platform for e-commerce. It also supports managing multiple stores as well as multiple suppliers. It is considered one of the most reliable solutions for Business-to-Business projects in e-commerce.

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